Mark Hangartner, Auckland Rainbow Community Church

Mark is a religious leader who is willing to conduct weddings for same-sex couples in Aotearoa. He is part of Auckland Rainbow Community Church, which meets every Sunday evening at 7.30 pm for worship, which usually takes the form of a Eucharist. They meet at St Matthew-in-the-City, which has been a welcoming host for over 30 years. There are other celebrants who are part of the community and are able to conduct civil unions and marriages.

You can contact Mark using this form:


Rev Glynn Cardy

Glynn-portrait-smGlynn is Minister of the Community of St Luke, in Remuera. He is a new Presbyterian. He says his last appointment as a minister was 9 years in a congregation of whom approximately a third would have identified themselves as LGBTQ. “I learnt a lot. I was very involved in the struggles in the Anglican Church regarding issues of leadership, marriage, and sexuality.”

Glynn is married to Stephanie, and dad of 4 kids [all still at home] and 2 cats.

The Community of St Luke has written an open letter affirming that the community welcomes all who wish to be married.

Glynn can be contacted on 09 520 0678 or 021 545 969 or by using the contact form below.

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The Community of St Luke, Remuera

StLukesThe Community of Saint Luke seeks to be a nurturing community where each is committed to the spiritual and personal well-being of all and where all who come are accepted and respected.



St Lukes Presbyterian parish was formed in 1875 to serve Remuera, Epsom and Newmarket.  The present church was built in 1931-32, using the plans of a church built in 1904 in the Scottish village of Twechar, near Glasgow.

In an open letter to the moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, St Lukes has reaffirmed that they will continue to welcome all people into the community, including all who are called into leadership, all who wish to be baptised, and all who wish to be married. Information about weddings at St Lukes can be found on their website. 

Contact St Lukes
130 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland
Office Phone: 09 520 0740

An Open Letter from the Community of St Luke

An Open Letter to the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Right Reverend Andrew Norton:

Dear Andrew,

We write to commend you in your leadership of our Church and thank you for your prayerful guidance at General Assembly 2014. We wish to thank you too for standing against the opinion of the majority in wanting the discussion pertaining to matters of leadership, marriage, and sexuality to be handled differently than in the past.

We also wish to encourage you to continue in the good work we saw you engaged in at General Assembly: promoting relationships and discussion in order that we may continue to be a broad church with a broad mission.

The decisions taken at General Assembly 2014 are however very disturbing for us. For the Community of St Luke to turn away couples who want to marry, based on their sexual identity, is somewhat akin to turning away left-handed people, or people of a minority race. For us to turn away sexual minorities is contrary to the heart of our theology, namely the love and embrace of God.

The decisions taken by General Assembly 2014 are deeply offensive to sexual minorities, deeply offensive to all those who are the parents, grandparents, partners, children, grandchildren, and Christian brothers and sisters of sexual minorities, and deeply offensive to all who believe on the basis of sound scholarship and experience that sexual diversity is a given to be accepted, welcomed and celebrated.

The decision of General Assembly concerning marriage is also contrary to the clear tradition of Presbyterianism regarding Liberty of Conscience, the clear guidance of our Doctrine Core Group, and the clear wishes of our elected national leaders, namely the Moderator and Moderator-Designate.

Those at General Assembly who supported that decision need to know that the Community of St Luke acknowledge their right to exercise Liberty of Conscience. However by denying us the same right, they have asked us to deny our fundamental theology pertaining to the very nature of God. This theology undergirds both our community life and mission.

Although we have great love for our Church, you need to know that we have not, will not, and cannot turn sexual minorities away. We will continue to welcome all people into our community, including all who are called into leadership, all who wish to be baptised, and all who wish to be married.

We can do no other and be true to our faith.

Angela Murdoch
Parish Clerk

Glynn Cardy

On behalf of the Parish Council of the Community of St Luke, Remuera.

Pitt Street Methodist

The Pitt St Methodist congregations have affirmed their inclusive, welcoming position, and same gender marriages may be conducted in Pitt St Methodist Church.

The congregation’s mission statement is:

As a multicultural congregation
we wish to celebrate and affirm our bicultural journey
along with the giftedness and ministry
of all members in the Church as followers of Jesus Christ
regardless of their gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, race, or theological perspective.
We believe that in our inclusiveness
all should speak for themselves
and no one should be excluded
from discovering the grace and love of God
and the opportunity for Christian service,
and further, we believe that this will
undergird and strengthen our ever-changing church.
Enquiries may be made to the Parish Office, or 09 373 2869 for further information about marriages at Pitt St.


Inside Pitt St Methodist Church


Rev Roger Pym

Roger is an ordained Unitarian Minister and is currently the minister with Canoe of Souls Unitarian Church in Auckland. Unitarianism is an open religion/philosophy that accepts there is wisdom, light and truth in all religions and philosophies of life. 

Roger would be very happy to marry same-sex couples. He recognises that the uniqueness of each person and situation must be honoured and sees the task of Celebrant as one of facilitation, of bringing together, and of holding. 

You can contact Roger through his website.