Pitt Street Methodist

The Pitt St Methodist congregations have affirmed their inclusive, welcoming position, and same gender marriages may be conducted in Pitt St Methodist Church.

The congregation’s mission statement is:

As a multicultural congregation
we wish to celebrate and affirm our bicultural journey
along with the giftedness and ministry
of all members in the Church as followers of Jesus Christ
regardless of their gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, race, or theological perspective.
We believe that in our inclusiveness
all should speak for themselves
and no one should be excluded
from discovering the grace and love of God
and the opportunity for Christian service,
and further, we believe that this will
undergird and strengthen our ever-changing church.
Enquiries may be made to the Parish Office, info@methodistcentral.org.nz or 09 373 2869 for further information about marriages at Pitt St.


Inside Pitt St Methodist Church



Rev Roger Pym

Roger is an ordained Unitarian Minister and is currently the minister with Canoe of Souls Unitarian Church in Auckland. Unitarianism is an open religion/philosophy that accepts there is wisdom, light and truth in all religions and philosophies of life. 

Roger would be very happy to marry same-sex couples. He recognises that the uniqueness of each person and situation must be honoured and sees the task of Celebrant as one of facilitation, of bringing together, and of holding. 

You can contact Roger through his website. 

Knox Presbyterian Church, Christchurch

Knox Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, is a progressive, inclusive faith community, seeking to follow Jesus’ example by including people of all ages, sexual orientations and socio-economic situations as equally valued participants in their congregational life.

Knox supports same-sex marriage. Although willing to offer a venue they can only offer the church hall at present. They are without a church building as it was severely damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes. They are also currently without a minister.

The rebuild of Knox Church has commenced and when completed it will be a beautiful – and safe – venue!

knox church1 new knox


MCC Crave

Metropolitan Community Church is a denomination which was established in USA in the 1960s with a mission for a specific and intentional outreach to/with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people.

Crave MCC, formally known as All Saint’s Metropolitan Community Church, have reinvented themselves with a new name and a more contemporary worship style. Home groups are an integral part of their church. You are welcome to visit them anytime. 

The church building which MCC meets in is available for same-sex weddings. 

Aldred Church Complex
Cnr Nancy Ave & Knowles Street
Christchurch 8013

Phone 03 960 5480

Derek McCullough

Derek McCullough is the co-ordinator of the Unitarian Universalist group in Christchurch and he has been a marriage and civil union celebrant for 10 years. Derek is available to conduct same-sex marriages.

He prefers to facilitate the creation of a meaningful service that reflects the personalities and desires of the couple involved, making sure that it contains the legal requirements.

He can be contacted on 03 384 9099 or by using the contact form below

Email Derek:

Mornington Church

Methodist publication Touchstone reports that Mornington Church, part of Dunedin Methodist Parish, has opted to open its doors to same-sex marriages.

“Mornington has always been an inclusive church,” parishioner Colin Gibson says. “We would be more than happy for our ministers to conduct a same-sex marriage here. We think that is the logical situation. We have always supported gay rights, so we feel it is a perfectly normal extension of this now that it’s legal within the state.”