I am a queer Presbyterian mum living in Wellington. One day I read an article titled “Gay Weddings Ban: Churches Say No.” There have been a number of other headlines along the same lines. This website is unapologetically biased towards a different perspective. There are many religious leaders who support marriage equality. Their voices are less likely to make headlines and when they do it is often the same few people in Auckland and Wellington who are quoted.

There are others all around the country.This website gathers a few of them together. As it launches it is based on a few emails sent through my personal networks and therefore is largely protestant ministers. I hope that other ministers and leaders of other faiths will get in touch so this can be expanded.

There are nine churches included at this stage, but a number of others will be making an official decision at their next parish council meeting or AGM so I hope that more will be added later.There are 32 ministers… and growing!

The people listed on these pages have said that they are happy to conduct same-sex weddings. Any other views expressed here may not be shared by all of them.


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  1. Greetings. This is a wonderful site. I would be delighted to share my details on this site as well and be listed as a minister/celebrant who would be available to officiate at same-sex weddings.

  2. Excellent initiative. I am part of Auckland Rainbow Community Church (formerly Auckland Community Church). I would be happy to conduct weddings as an independent celebrant. Our church supports gay marriage, and also couples making a commitment to each other.

  3. hello i have looked at this site and am somewhat on the fence regarding this whole gay marriage thing could you supply some biblical perspective on why it should be allowed as all i have heard is arguments against

    • Hi Ian,

      The short answer is that the bible needs to be read in the historical context in which it was written.

      The slightly longer answer is that the bible actually doesn’t say anything about same-sex marriage. In fact much of what the bible does say about marriage doesn’t seem relevant today. There are many examples in the bible of people having multiple wives and this being condoned by God, eg King David had at least 7. Jacob (Genesis chapters 28-30) earned a wife as payment for the work he’d done, but the man who was handing his daughter over as “property” tricked him and gave him the wrong daughter. Then after working for seven more years Jacob gets the second daughter and has two wives. But the second wife has infertility problems so she gives Jacob her slave to sleep with so that they can have a baby. This concept of marriage is nothing like what most couples enter into today!!

      The bible also doesn’t say anything about people who identify as gay/lesbian/bisexual as there wasn’t a concept of those identities. There are some verses in the bible which condemn male homosexual acts, for example Leviticus 18.22 and 20.13 which are part of the Holiness Code. Two things need to be understood about this. Firstly, these rules were for people who were part of a small nation which was surrounded by enemies and they needed to increase their numbers. They condemned any acts which meant that semen was spilled when it couldn’t contribute to conception (they didn’t understand that a man could spill his seed and then have sex and conceive not long after!) The other thing to understand is that there are a lot of other things in the Holiness Code which get forgotten about, for example eating shellfish is an abomination. In Acts 10-11 God tells Peter to eat food which is condemned in the Holiness Code. The Holiness Code is transcended by the gospel.

      Finally, Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality or same-sex marriage (he did say that people who get divorced and then remarry are committing adultery but some people are ok with remarriage even though they’re opposed to same-sex marriage).

      The most important message from Jesus, I believe, is to love God, to love and respect other people and to challenge injustice. I think he would be happy that I am with the woman I love because our love supports and strengthens us to serve God in our community.

      If you want the long answer then check out these links

  4. Hi there – Great job on the website – it is a total blessing to see many people and church communities committing to the inclusive love of Christ. I was grateful to share the article in the Press with you as well.

    We at CRAVE MCC are very keen to have a listing on your site – would you be able to let us know how to go about this?

    Warm Regards

    Worship Leader (1 of 2)
    CRAVE MCC Christchurch

  5. Love this site. I only discovered it this evening and I’m hooked!!

    Incedo is a mission order in New Zealand whose members find ways to work without prejudice with young people to invite them to join us in our faith adventure of following Jesus. You can check us out at http://www.incedo.org.nz

    We have a strong relationship with an LGBTI* advocate in Australia, Mike Hercock (a Baptist minister at Imagine/Surry HIlls Baptist) in Sydney) who is the founder of two LGBTI* activist/advocacy initiatives known as “100 Revs” and “A Different Conversation” (Google or search on Facebook for more information). Mike is inviting church leaders from New Zealand to join him and other Australian church leaders in marching in the Sydney Mardi Gras on 1st March, 2014 as part of the “100 Revs March for Marriage Equality”. This is an opportunity for us to support church leaders who are trying to achieve what has already been achieved in New Zealand.

    You are also invited to attend “A Different Conversation” in Sydney which will be happening in the days leading up to the Mardi Gras. I have attached information on this as well.

    Please contact me before 22 January at m.green@incedo.org.nz if you are interested in being part of these initiatives.

    Incedo will be holding “A Different Conversation” in Wellington in March and Auckland in October.


    Mal Green
    INCEDO (the name of YFC reborn as a mission order)
    Auckland Mission Base
    YFCNZ Korean Mission Department
    Mailing address: P O Box 34552, Birkenhead, Auckland 0746, New Zealand
    Office address: 5 Gladstone Rd, Northcote, North Shore City 0626 (around the back of the building)
    +64 21 409777 +64 9 9666033

  6. Hi my name is Mary I am a mature art student from Northern Ireland. I am a Christian and one of my sons is gay. I believe I am a ‘woman in art’ and God is using me through my art to ‘highlight and challenge homophobia’. My last project started with a piece that represented homophobia within my large Presbyterian Church family and my desire to portray their ‘judgement of sexual orientation’. During the work I realised that I was judging my church family, even though it had been said that ‘it is an abomination’ etc. etc., so God healed me and my narrative was about healing ‘taking out to the nations’, a large collage titled ‘Bound Together’ and aluminium work called ‘Foundation Stone’. At a Sunday evening service my minister condemned same sex relationships, therefore I invited him and assistant minister to come to my home to see my art. They came and stayed for 2 hours, my minister later saying I am made an impact upon him to the good. I have been invited to attend a conference on The Church and Human Sexualtiy (caring for those with same sex attraction) on 5th April 2014 . I have ordered ‘Gay Christian Survivors’ to read before saturday as I think since gay marriage laws in England have been passed some Christians seems to have a sense of ‘injustice directed towards them’. I am feeling a little like a ‘needle in a haystack’ or a ‘small voice’ but isn’t that how God speaks to us?

  7. The Unitarians of Wellington presented a submission to Parliament in support of Marriage Equality in New Zealand, and now one of our congregation is applying to become a marriage celebrant. How can we be included on this website?

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