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The Revs are a quintet of Anglican deacons and priests. They have repeatedly spoken out in support of marriage equality. In the past the Revs have said they would marry same-sex couples. Unfortunately I have just heard that unfortunately due to the Anglican church’s stance the Revs are now not able to conduct marriages for same-sex couples… for the time being. Nonetheless I would like to mention them on here for their awesome tautoko for equality.

Back in April, when the Auckland Anglican bishop instructed clergy not to marry same-sex couples, the NZ Herald reported:

Mangere-based Maori Anglican priest Rev Hirini Kaa said the Maori part of the church had not issued instructions on the issue, and he would be willing to marry a gay couple.

“There is a large group of Anglican clergy who would happily and proudly marry a same-sex couple,” he said.

The Revs wrote a number of pieces on marriage equality, including one from Rev Hirini explaining his support, in which he wrote

…tikanga is not set in stone, and evolves to meet the needs of the people, based on the understandings passed down to us by our tipuna. And that evolution includes the influence of scripture, where love becomes a guiding principle for tikanga. So we have a new word ‘takataapui’ for GLBT people, which works for me. And soon we will have same-sex marriage accepted as part of our tikanga, and that works for me as well.

After Louisa Wall’s bill passed the final reading Rev Chris Huriwai tweeted “If the bill passes the #RevTalk team will do the first 3 Same-Sex weddings for free!!!”

Eventually I hope the Anglican church will change its position and three lucky couples will be able to take the Revs up on their offer.


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