Rev Dr Matt Tittle

Matt officiated for the first same-sex wedding in Aotearoa while he was the consulting minister at the Auckland Unitarian Church.
ImageAt that time, Matt wrote:

“We are proud to be hosting this wedding, mostly because the couple will have a special part in this historic moment, which they will remember and celebrate for the rest of their lives. We also recognize that this will bring an incredible amount of attention to our congregation and Unitarianism across New Zealand. This means we have to make sure we are walking our talk and being the welcoming faith community that we believe we are. In doing so, grace will abound for those who walk into the church for years to come, looking for something to enrich their lives, a community where they are welcome, where they can both give and receive without worrying about who they are, what they look like, who they love, how they pray (or don’t), and so on.”

Unfortunately Matt has returned to the USA, but you can follow him on Twitter @reverendmatt and look him up if you happen to be near Clayton, NC.


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